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Chennai, 31 March 2011: To ensure that India wins its second Cricket World Cup and its first ever on home soil, Astroved, a leading online service provider in Vedic Sciences and Vedic Astrology, is conducting a unique and grand fire ritual in Anna Nagar, Chennai immediately before the Finals of Cricket World Cup 2011 on Saturday, April 2nd.

“We will be performing the Victory Ritual few hours before the toss, followed by a non-stop chanting of success-granting Vedic mantras until the end of the match. Such a ceremony has never been attempted before, and any cricket lover will be able to see the ritual LIVE and offer their prayers from the comforts of their home”, says Jyoti Benkovich, Director, Astroved. The company is reported to have conducted a Cricket Homa (fire ritual) before the start of the World Cup, and has been doing a special Pooja (Vedic ritual) on the eve of every India match, to wish good luck to Dhoni’s Men in Blue.

The specialty of this Victory Ritual, as per the Vedic experts, is that it will invoke powerful energies of 6 popular Hindu Gods of Victory, each one bringing a unique and special quality that can help Team India conquer the final frontier. Hanuman, the monkey-faced God, is known to make the ‘impossible’ possible and can impart Indian bowlers with immense confidence before the big match. Veerabhadra, the ferocious commander-in-chief of Shiva’s army, can help the Indian batsmen instill fear in the opposition’s mind.

Karuppasamy, the dark God riding on a horse, is said to bring fast results and help the Indian captain make the right decisions at the right time. Muruga rules over Mars, which governs competitive sports; he can lend stamina to the Indian fielders to put in their best to save runs on the ground. Trivikrama is the form of Vishnu who decimated the demon king Bali, and can inspire the whole team to mentally dominate their Sinhalese rivals. Goddess Durga has the power to remove obstacles of every kind and can help India successfully overcome the challenge offered by Sri Lanka.

“Fire ritual is a divine technology that does not require your belief in order for it to be effective. Fire rituals are elemental invocations of archetypal energies. Such archetypes represent a particular energy that vibrates within us. This ancient ritual brings those energies alive in our conscious and allows them to flourish into our lives”, says Dr. Baskaran Pillai, an international Vedic expert and scholar-mystic.

Fire rituals create a powerful electromagnetic field, with favorable biological and environmental impact. Chanting Vedic mantras with the correct tone produce sound waves and sonic vibrations of high potential, while the special herbs offered in the fire produce strong bio-magnetic energy. Use of cow dung in fire rituals is a proven technology to counter even the nuclear radiations. The positive energy so released is known to traverse and benefit people across any barriers of space.

“Before any Vedic ritual, normally a ‘sankalpam’ is done where the priest declares the intention of performing the ritual. This is important for the outcome of the ritual. However, only a right Vedic ceremony done at the right time using the right ingredients by the right priest with the right intention is known to bring in the desired results”, shared Ram Kumar, a Vedic expert.

People can participate in the prayers for the Indian team by watching the LIVE webcast of the Victory Ritual on from 12 Noon to 1:30 PM (IST) on April 2nd. They will also be encouraged to help the Real India win by raising a billion prayers for the homeless millions. HoPE Town, the company’s non-profit initiative, will build the communities of tomorrow where the Real India will live.

The collective wishes of the fans along with the goodwill towards the underprivileged might actually see Dhoni’s Men in Blue bring home the World Cup at Tendulkar’s home ground.

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