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Tiger Woods intends to be on course for a 15th major, as he swings back into practice in the run-up to the Masters 2012 golf tournament starting on April 5th. He plans to play at the Tavistock Cup and the US PGA Tour’s Arnold Palmer Invitational, ahead of the Masters.

His quest for a 5th green jacket had hit a bunker when he had to withdraw from the WGC-Cadillac Championship on Sunday, March 11th, because of a troublesome left Achilles tendon. “I’ll be there. Don’t worry about that”, he was reported as saying after his doctors ruled his injury as just a mild strain.

Will the limping Tiger be out of the Woods this time? His stars tell a different story. His Moon sign is Scorpio, which is ruled by the sporty Mars. The planet Mars is in retrograde motion in the 10th House (indicates career).

Moreover, he is also undergoing the Sade Sati period (the 7 and a half year period of Saturn’s influence). The planet Saturn (governs career) is placed in the 12th House (brings disappointments) from his Moon sign. Interestingly, Saturn is considered a slow-moving planet and is associated with legs.

These planetary indicators are sort of a ‘double bogey’ for Woods. There is a possibility that Woods would need more time to get fully fit before he wields the club for the Masters 2012 tournament.

The former World No. 1 has not won an official tournament in the last 2 years, and his last Masters title came way back in 2005.

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