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Chennai, July 20: The man, who had been tweeting trouble till now, has finally sought some divine intervention!

Shashi Tharoor recently visited Sri Kalahasti, the renowned Shiva shrine in South India, and reportedly performed a Rahu-Ketu ritual. He was accompanied by beautician Sunanda Pushkar, whose sweaty equity had got the Thiruvananthapuram MP hot under the cricketing collar.

It all started with the Keralite’s brief interlude with the IPL Kochi team. However, what would have been a sporty affair for the former Minister of State for External Affairs landed him in rather sorry state of affairs.

“If we see Tharoor’s chart in transit, Mercury, the planet of communication and the ruler of the House of Enmity (6th house), is placed in the House of Speech (2nd house). No wonder, the Twitter-friendly politician has been creating not-so-friendly situations with his media statements”, says Mr. Seethapathi, a Vedic expert.

Evidently, the ex-diplomat’s undiplomatic spat with IPL CEO Lalit Modi not only led to Tharoor’s unceremonious exit from the Cabinet, but also brought his relationship with Sunanda out of the cabinet.

The partners in controversy have since decided to become life partners, and got engaged in June 2010. While the Dubai-based Sunanda is said to have had two marriages in the past, London-born Tharoor is undergoing legal separation from his second wife. So, will it be third time lucky for them?

“There are indications of separation from partner under the influence of Ketu placed in the 6th house and Rahu placed in the 12th house, as per Tharoor’s chart. Possibly, that’s why he visited Sri Kalahasti which is the premier energy vortex for resolving afflictions related to the planetary nodes Rahu and Ketu”, say the remedial astrologers in Chennai.

As per Vedic Astrology, Rahu and Ketu are considered natural malefic planets. They are known to bring chaos, and cause difficulties, frustration, anxiety and suffering in relationships. However, performing Pooja for Rahu and Ketu at Sri Kalahasti is known to enhance the beneficial energies of these planets in a person’s life.

Hopefully, the temple bells will soon ring in the wedding bells and, perhaps, calmer times for thunderous Tharoor!

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